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“Voices from Home” is a new project formed by 2018 ANS graduate and former “Eye of the Tiger” contributor, Isabella Conti. The goal of this project is to feature and promote Nicaraguan singers. We were able to conduct our interview with Isabella via social media and hope you get a chance to check out their latest cover “If the World Was Ending”, featuring eight young singers, including Isabella.

“First of all thank you for reaching out, I remember when I was the one who interviewed our graduates! I’m studying in Miami, but returned to Nicaragua for Spring Break and finished the semester here. I’m currently working on my own music and hope to release my first single in August. I’m putting a lot of time and focus into it.

I’ve been interested in singing all my life, but I started singing with instrumental backgrounds when I was about 16 and also learned how to play instruments like guitar, ukulele, some drums, and that peaked my interest.

‘Voices from Home’ came from the idea of a friend. He reached out to me and told me that he wanted to do this project, but he ended up not participating in this one. Still, he gave me the idea and I created ‘Voices from Home’.

We noticed that in Nicaragua, people who know how to sing are afraid to show their talent and I was like that. When I first began singing, I was scared and I was nervous about what people might say. But we noticed that if everyone works together and starts promoting their singing, there is a possibly that more singers will start showing their talent and sending videos. So the goal is to start putting up videos to inspire other people to share theirs and grow their following.

The idea is to focus on Nicaraguan talent and the mission is ‘Nicaragua tiene talento, solo falta apoyarlo!’, meaning that Nicaragua has talent, and we just need to support it.

We want to share Nicaraguan talent and gain followers for each singer. We hope they lose their “pena”, their fright, since that is what holds them back.

‘Voices From Home’ singers started meeting through Zoom for planning. To create our cover, we each recorded the song a cappella since we were unfamiliar with each other’s voices. I was in charge of mixing the voices together and everyone had a say in which part they wanted to sing.

Working with this project and its singers was not that difficult. The challenge was mixing two voices together, or mixing the chorus. But it was fun! I also made the video, but once I had it all done, my final crashed, so almost everything got deleted.

Right now we are all in Nicaragua, but we could have accomplished this even if we were in different countries.

We will most definitely keep working together, but there will also be individual projects because that is the ultimate goal to have people send individual covers. But we have such good feedback that we are in shock and want to keep working together.

We are already planning our second cover.”

Make sure to follow  @isabellacontif  on her personal account and  @voicesfromhome  to see their latest cover.



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