How To Stay Safe During Protests: Tips and Tricks

As we all know, the nation has broken out in a series of protests all around the country, protesting over the death of George Floyd and many other black Americans. During these protests, the police have used things like tear gas and mace, along with rubber and foam bullets. Those aren’t the only dangers to be found in a protest however, with incidents such as human traffickers taking advantage of the chaos, and police using unlawful amounts of force against protesters taking place. To protect oneself against these dangers, I’ve created a handy dandy list on how to best avoid getting injured, compiled from numerous sources such as former policemen and the Hong Kong protesters.

  • Remember that in spite of all the chaos, we’re still in a pandemic! Please wear masks to protect you and your fellow protesters from Covid-19.


  • In case you get tear gassed, bring milk. It will help neutralize the effects more quickly than water, and if you bring powdered milk, it will last longer too. Make sure you don’t wash out your eyes with milk, due to it causing potential infections. When washing out your eyes, just use plain water.


  • Refrain from posting photos and videos of your fellow protesters if their faces are visible.


  • Using swim or ski goggles is an effective way to protect against being maced or teargassed.


  • Avoid using sunscreen or cream makeup when you go to protests, because tear gas can cling to cream based substances.


  • Make sure to go in groups, and establish checkpoints to meet at in case you get separated from your group.


  • If you want to be extra careful during protests, sports gear is relatively cheap and accessible, and can often provide a more lightweight form of protection, much like the riot gear police wear.


  • Putting traffic cones over tear gas canisters is a great way to prevent their spread to other protesters.


  • Don’t wear contacts, as tear gas can get in between the space of the contact and the eye, and can cause severe irritation!


  • Understand that an excessive amount of tear gas can be lethal so make sure to get out of the situation as soon as you can!


  • Wearing a bandanna soaked in water around the face can also be helpful in protecting one’s face.


  • Be sure to bring plenty of food and water in case you’re out there for a while!

Stay safe everyone!

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