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Covid-19 Surpasses 5 Million Cases Worldwide

Worldwide, COVID-19 has 5 million infections so far this year. This new cipher was reached on Thursday, May 21st. 

It’s been almost five months after the first case of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China, and the numbers keep incrementing, showing no sign of stopping, with an approximate total of 300,000 deaths around the globe. Over the course of months, the virus has hit gravely in several parts of Europe and now the United States with over 1.5 million cases.

The growth rate of the pandemic has been a staggering million cases every twelve days every week. On April 21, two million cases of people affected by the virus were registered worldwide. It took just 30 days for the pandemic to duplicate, reaching 5 million. The past May 20th, the World Health Organization put out a statement recording a record in the number of confirmed cases in a period of 24 hours, stating that, “we are very concerned about the increasing number of chaos in low- or middle-income countries where the health system is struggling or non-existent”. 

According to John Hopkins University, Russia, Brazil, and the U.S are the three countries with the highest numbers of infections. In Europe, the most recent epicenter, the disease seems to be fairly controlled, which has decreased its contagion curves and increased recovered cases.

In Wuhan where the virus started, the infections still continue to be present but China continues to have positive cases. Even though the city of Wuhan is recovering, they are still taking precautions to avoid a second wave of infections by continuing with social distancing, minimizing the number of people in a single place, and reducing flights from other countries to theirs. 

It’s important that people still remain in their homes quarantined since this strategy has shown positive outcomes in other countries by decreasing the number of active cases and reducing the risk of getting infected.

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