Life Before Quarantine


Being stuck inside our houses for so long makes us think about all the moments we lived and wish we could experience once again. Sometimes we may forget what it was like to experience a sunrise and sunset at the beach, or what it was like to hear the birds chirping in the forest. We are only able to see the stars at night and the moon from home. We miss the sensitive touch of another person and ache for physical contact.

For this reason, I decided to put together pictures of my friends and their friends before quarantine.

Looking at them made me feel extremely nostalgic because I think of how the majority of us don’t miss any luxuries, we just miss our friends.

We miss what it was like to hang out together and talk for hours… Right now we can’t even go outside of our houses and meet up with that many people.

Think about it. Look at the collage and reflect on what it was like before. We used to go on airplanes, concerts, parties, events with hundreds of people. Now, thinking of that, many people getting together in one place makes me paranoid because if it were like that right now, there’s a chance that some of those could be infected with the virus.

Yes, we miss our friends and we miss “normal” days, but we prefer to stay home in order to go back to that safely.

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