I Thought Being Home Would Be Different

I always wanted to be home schooled because I thought it would be easier and better for me to just stay at home. Waking up a bit later than 5:30 am, not following any rules, going to the bathroom whenever you want, having a break almost the whole day, sounded like a dream. Now I have it, and it’s frustrating and difficult. I thought it would be different.

Home schooling is a challenge for everyone because at home you have many temptations like your phone, sleeping, distractions from your little brothers, etc. For people like me that have ADD it becomes very challenging because you get distracted very easily, also having the discipline to do the work when it’s supposed to be done it’s also hard. 

According to Joy in the Journey, homeschooling is a big challenge not only for students but for moms with younger children. These kids are starting to learn to read and write and most mom’s aren’t teachers. They might not be ready to teach their child these things, or might not have the time. For example, I have a little sister and she struggles so much because she sometimes doesn’t understand my mom, and when that happens my mom gets frustrated. It’s such a chaos!

It’s very hard to think that a couple years ago this was something I really wanted to happen. Teachers at school are very aware of every student’s situation and are always trying to help. For example, my friends and I who have ADD always get the help we need from our teachers. They are always looking for a  way to make learning easier for us.  I am very thankful for all my teachers and all the hard work they put into our learning experiences.

Now that I know what it’s like to be schooled at home, I can’t wait to get back on campus. I know that once I’m back, I will really take advantage of every class because I will always remember what it’s like to not have the choice of being together physically on a campus.

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