How Furry Friends Help During Quarantine

Several studies have shown that having your pet’s company improves your mental and physical health during this quarantine. 

Dogs, cats, hamsters, whatever kind of pet you have can help you reduce stress, anxiety, and find the solitude of confinement. A team of researchers from the Virginia Commonwealth University in the United States has shown that stroking your pet frequently helps reduce any unwanted or harmful emotions in humans. This activity clears the mind and makes the person feel calmer finding serenity with the help of a furry friend.

The Center for Disease and Control and Prevention in the United States, says that “Dogs can have many helpful and healthy effects on the lives of their owners”. This is because dogs love to be near humans, and during these hard times we are facing, spending more time with your pets is a great way of distraction, plus you get to build a special bond with them. 

As well, during this quarantine because of the COVID-19, therapeutic dogs have supported not only their owners but also health personnel like doctors, nurses, among others who are fighting against the virus. The long hours of work haven’t been easy for health workers because they are dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression while trying their best to serve patients. In Denver, Colorado a trainee service dog named Wynn has brought comfort by visiting hospital staff bringing a positive effect to the stressful environment medics are surrounded by.

During difficult times, we need to take care of our physical health by exercising, but most importantly we need to also take care of our mental health. Ways to do this also include staying away from social media for a while. However, pets are the greatest companion humans can have while being at home. So what a better way to refocus your mental health than with a furry best friend by your side.

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