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What We Consider Important in a World Before, During, and After Quarantine

Quarantine has changed our perceptions in terms of what we consider as important things to our lives. Things like outside activities, social interactions, and even school, have become things that we now deem as important even though we didn’t think they were as important before, and I have a theory as to why.

My theory is that we have a yearning for things we don’t do everyday, thus making it more important to us, and things we already have, slowly become dull, thus making it less important to us, and if you think about it for a second, it does make sense.

Before quarantine, you weren’t restrained from doing most things. You could go outside, travel, talk with your friends, eat at a restaurant, watch a movie, etc. All of these activities are things that you don’t always do, and are things that are fun to do because you don’t always do those types of things, and when you do it with your friends it becomes even more fun because anything could happen since they are also there. But, other things become dull, most predominantly, going to school. School is boring to us because it is always the same thing, you get there, you go to your first period, you learn things, you do classwork, you go to another class where you do the same thing. You go to school five times a week, and people don’t like going to school because you do the same thing every day. When you do enjoy the class, it is because you did something different. The things you keep doing get dull, while the things you don’t do everyday become moments of energy where you can enjoy yourself because it is something different.

Now compare that to what we are doing right now. We are stuck in our houses and all we can do is socialize with our family members, call our friends, or watch TV shows and movies on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. What can’t we do? Literally everything else. This makes it feel as if staying in our home was as if you went to school. You do the same thing every single day, and it gets dull.

This is why we have seen in the news, groups of people going outside to do other activities. They aren’t only rebelling because they believe the virus won’t affect them as much, they are also rebelling cause they want to have fun, and to have fun, most of the time you need to do something different.

Have you ever been on summer break, and for some reason you want to go back to school? The reason for that, is because you want to do something different. That is why so many people are struggling in my opinion. They just can’t keep doing the same thing everyday for who-knows how long, and this is why people look back at the things they could have done before quarantine, not because they wished they did it back then, but because they wish they were doing that right now. They wish they were doing something different.

After this quarantine, yes, there is going to be new changes around the world and changes among people on what to do if another pandemic occurs. I think most people will still stay in their houses so as to not get infected by a virus, because now people are scared of what viruses do to us. But, while they worry about the virus, they will go back to how life was before, and the events that were dull before quarantine will become dull, and everyone will jump at the opportunity to do something different, just as they did before they went to quarantine.

Some people, won’t value the small things in life, like going to school, and it will be those same people who will suffer just as they are right now in quarantine if another pandemic occurs. We need to value all the moments in life, even the small ones, in order to enjoy life to the fullest, because when you only focus on the possible big moments, you lose sight of the moments that you could create right now.

I may be wrong about this whole thing of doing something different by the way. I am not a sociologist, nor a psychologist, who actually knows if this is why so many people are struggling with this quarantine and if my theory is true. But this is just how I see it. People desire different exciting stimuli, and if they keep desiring it, they won’t enjoy life. So try and see things from another perspective and enjoy this experience.

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