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Take Things For Granted

Quarantine is the word we hear everyday, but let’s talk about “after quarantine”. Now that I’ve been away from the people I love, I’ve realized how I have taken things for granted. For example, going to school everyday. Yes, it gets tiring and very overwhelming, but now that we “can’t ” go, I miss it. Now, a visit to my friend’s house, which before I took for granted, is so significant and important because I don’t know when will be the next time I can do it again.

After this is over, things will change. People will still be scared. They will still be taking precautions and will still maintain distance between friends and family. But, we will forever remember this time and know that we have learned a valuable lesson: don’t take things for granted.

So what will you do when this is over? The New York Times asked:“What’s the first thing you plan to do post quarantine?” Here are some answers

“My grandmother, she’s the person I’d like to see. Yesterday I dropped a plant off at her house, but I didn’t go inside. I just put it down and left.” — Roxanne Francis, 37

“I want to go back to my workplace and pray in my temple. We pray two times every day, in the morning and evening.” — Kirian Barua, 48

“Go on vacation to my town in Guatemala. I don’t like staying in quarantine. For now, it’s OK. At first, it was very scary. My son is working for the M.T.A. He drives a bus. He has to wear a mask on the bus.” — Verda Velasco, 53

If you ask me, when this is over, I will start enjoying every little second more, because now I know not to take things for granted.

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