Songs for the Virus, Songs for the Soul

While in quarantine, one way to pass the time or relieve stress is to listen to music. By listening to songs that relate to something we are experiencing in the moment, we can feel comforted, especially by knowing that we’re not the only ones going through that experience or the emotions attached to it. The following is a list of songs with lyrics that are somehow related to the worldwide pandemic and the resulting quarantine: 


She Looks Like Fun – Arctic Monkeys

“No one’s on the streets

We moved it all online

As of March”

This song came out in 2018, and could not have been referring to the coronavirus outbreak, but it seems to have predicted what would happen almost two years after its release: since March of 2020, school and work has been done online, and the streets have mostly been empty of people. 


Be Lazy – DAY6

“It’s too dangerous outside

Today, be lazy

Don’t go outside”

During this time, it’s dangerous to go outside given the risk of coming into contact with the coronavirus. We have to stay indoors, and because of this, it is common to sometimes feel lazy, unmotivated or unproductive. 


In My Room – The Last Shadow Puppets

“Just another day, all in my room

Struck out like before, all in my room

Room, room

Room, room”

As we are forced to lock ourselves in our own homes, we are spending more time than before in our bedrooms. Now, the place that used to feel safe and comforting, the place we would once long to go back to after a long day of work, can begin to feel restraining, almost like a prison.


Boring – The Brobecks


Everything is boring

And every day’s the same

Every day’s exactly the same.


All of us are bored

Every day’s exactly the same

Exactly the same as before.”

After a certain amount of time quarantined in our own homes, seeing no one but the members of our household, the days can get repetitive, and the feeling of boredom becomes customary. 


instagram – DEAN

“I know tomorrow is coming

But I can’t let go of my phone

Sleep just isn’t coming to me, yeah

So I’m on Instagram, Instagram again”

Now that we spend the entirety of our days at home, we have more free-time than we are accustomed to. It is a logical assumption to make that with more time, we can be more productive, but this often proves to be the opposite. Without a set schedule everyday, it can be more difficult to be productive or to maintain a healthy routine. We may find that in quarantine, our sleeping schedule is irregular, or we spend more time looking at screens than we did before. 


Whatever! – DAY6

“Why is it so boring? Whatever I do, I’m not interested

Why is time so slow?

Everything is just so annoying

It’s hard

Each day is the same”

These lyrics illustrate the frustration that comes after being at home for too long: we may feel as if everything is pointless and time is passing by too slowly. It is difficult to feel good about life when every day seems to be the same. 


Chronosaurus – Stray Kids

“Oh, like a tunnel with no light

Yeah, oh, there’s no end, I’m scared

Oh, like a tunnel with no light

Yeah, oh, there’s no end, I’m scared”

One of the main worries we may have during this crisis is uncertainty—we are not completely informed about the virus, and we don’t know how long this will all go on for. As the days go by and our fear of the virus increases, we may feel as if we’re in a dark tunnel that stretches on forever. 


About Now – DAY6

“I keep worrying about your days without me

Are you also feeling blank like me?

As if a screw is loose

Just wait a few days

Until we meet again

I pray for the time to be by your side

Today the clock is ticking slowly

Or is it my heart that is feeling rushed?”

We are no longer able to safely go out and see the people we are used to seeing. Many of us may spend time thinking about those people, or about one person in particular—wondering how they are, what they’re doing at the moment or if they’re struggling in the same way that we are. The feeling of not being able to see them, and not knowing when we will be able to see them again, can become overwhelming. 


All Alone – DAY6

“I’m not lonely

I say to the night sky, without any strength

I’m okay today

I say to myself over and over again”

The theme of this song is similar to the previous one—quarantine can be lonely. In addition to loneliness, there are several other negative emotions or worries that can surface during these times. We may notice them, but try to brush them off, to convince ourselves that we’re doing okay when we’re not, which can actually end up worsening our situation.


tokyo – RM

“Life is a word that sometimes you cannot say

And ash is a thing that someday we all should be

When tomorrow comes

How different is it gonna be?”

After a while, the detrimental psychological effects of quarantine can begin to settle upon us. We can start having negative thoughts about our own lives or life in general, and wondering for how long we’re going to keep living like this. 


Zombie – DAY6

“What kind of day was it yesterday

Was there anything special

I’m trying to remember

But nothing much comes to mind

Today goes by the same

Am I the only one struggling

How do I get through this

I feel like I became a zombie

I walk on, drifting aimlessly

Tomorrow will be no different

I live counting the time ’til I close my eyes”

This song accurately and creatively summarizes the themes brought up by the previous songs in one word—during quarantine we can begin to feel like a “zombie.” We begin to not remember specific events that happened, when they happened or if there was even any meaning to them, because the days that go by seem like they are all blending together, and we often feel as if we have to drag ourselves through each one.

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