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Locked in Quarantine: The Effects of COVID-19

This quarantine period will forever change the world as we know it.

Due to these hard times, as we are all locked in our houses, a lot is going to happen around the world. In 1945, there was a baby boom because of all the celebration going on around the world after the end of World War Two. I predict that there is going to be a baby boom after COVID-19 concludes because families have had more time to be together at home while in quarantine.

Also, the amount of divorces worldwide will probably rise. Being stuck at home with your partner means less alone time for you. Having time to ourselves is critical, and the amount of personal time that people who live with their partners have will decrease during this quarantine. This could cause fights resulting in break-ups, divorce or even abuse.

Another unfortunate effect of COVID-19 could be the increase in the amount of domestic abuse. Children, men and women that are abused domestically are now stuck at home where they are vulnerable, and have nowhere else to go. For example, abused children can’t go to school and find relief in a place where they are not being abused by a person in their household. For men and women that suffer from abuse, quarantine means that they won’t be able to leave the house to go to work or do anything to stay away from their situation at home.

However, the decrease in human activity has been shown to be beneficial towards nature due to decreased human activity. Air quality has been improving throughout the world, and water pollution has been reduced. For example in Venice, Italy, the water is now clear again and animals can be seen. For sure, COVID-19 has been something hurtful for society and the economy of the world. Nevertheless, the planet was in a state of emergency: our climate was being hurt at a rapid rate and humans had little time to do something about our planet. The virus, in a way, has obligated us to stay inside. This has thus reduced the amount of pollution around the globe, resulting in a big positive impact for the Earth’s wellbeing.

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