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A Lesson On Leadership: Abraham Lincoln

People can tell a leader for their high degree of emotional intelligence and empathy for others. No leader is born a leader, though; they develop to become one.

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, is one of the most honored presidents. He was one of the most famous and influential leaders in American history. Yet, there is no one form of leadership style that can truly describe Lincoln.

This is because Lincoln was one of the most effective leaders in world history as supported by his extraordinary accomplishments. He had a history of arguing against slavery even before he was a Senator, and lost his second Senate race because of his outspoken opposition to the expansion of slavery into the Western territories, which was prominent in public debates held before the election. However, President Lincoln was aware of the importance of establishing bonds with his electorate. From his first day in office as President, he tried to gain the respect of those who knew him and during his tenure, citizens could go visit him. Lincoln did not have experience leading teams, and yet no one questioned his leadership.

A strong leader knows when to rely on others and how to communicate. They are able to recognize the success of their team above their own. During the American Civil War, Lincoln formed a cabinet composed of political rivals, in whom he put his faith. It is evident that Lincoln’s success throughout history was due to his ability to communicate and connect with others.The iconic US president was a renowned storyteller, who could get his audience involved in his stories and vision of his projects. Lincoln always had clear principles, and struggled to put them into practice throughout his career. Lincoln was a politician open to criticism and debate. He empowered his country through dialogue with the American society of the time. He used the opinion of others to self-correct mistakes and improve his public image. Lincoln was someone who was able to inspire those around him and make others believe in what he believed. He was also someone who was able to get hold of other people’s attention and listen to him when he spoke. In times of COVID-19, we need leadership like Lincoln’s.

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