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Quarantine has left basically everyone with a thirst for entertainment since they don’t want to leave their homes because they are scared they may be infected by COVID-19. That leaves them all with way too much free time on their hands and they might not know what to do with it. I have a recommendation. One of the shows that I watched since quarantine started here in Nicaragua, is an anime called, “Hunter x Hunter”.

First of all, “Hunter x Hunter” is not a show that not many people would get into, not because it is bad by any means, but because it is really long. “Hunter x Hunter” has 148 episodes, and it is a continuous story, unlike other 20-minute shows like “The Office” and “Friends” that mostly have one-off episodes. But, even though it is long, “Hunter x Hunter” is a very fun story with interesting characters. The fun and charming beginning of the show eases you into the world of the show, which makes the darker moments stand out even more.

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“Hunter x Hunter’s” main story is the adventures of Gon Freecs, an 11-year old who ventures out to become a hunter in order to meet his dad, who is also a hunter and who abandoned him when he was a baby. Along the way he meets various people who later he becomes friends with, and goes on many quests with his main goal being to find his dad.

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The story of Hunter x Hunter is unique from different shows I’ve watched, since it is separated by “arcs”, which are basically seasons, and each arc of the show has a different tone, themes, narrative, which allows for each arc to be different while still feeling like and being the same show. However, there are some arcs that definitely aren’t as interesting or exciting as others. Some examples is the Greed Island arc and the Zoldyck Family arc, that while having their moments, aren’t as exciting or interesting. But, even with that you have amazing arcs with the York New and Chimera Ant arcs, which explore the themes of the morality of your actions and if some actions are right and wrong for the York new arc, and the exploration of humanity and inhumanity in the Chimera Ant arc.

The characters in “Hunter x Hunter” are also phenomenal, as their actions are not only useful to characterize them, but are also useful in exploring the themes of the arc they are in. Characters like Killua show that encountering the right person can change your whole life, and allows you to leave behind the things that once tormented you because they are the light you always needed to continue going forward. Characters like Netero and Gon show the best and worst parts of humanity, and how in some cases some events in your life can change you to be a better person, or can start a descent in you until you are someone completely different from whom you once were. Finally, you have characters like Kurapika, whose actions are supposed to be good, but the means for the ends may not be morally right at the end of the day.

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Music is another core component of the show that can make you cheer for your favorite character, or make you cry your eyes out by how some events turn out.

Animation and setting are other aspects of the show that allow you to experience how the show’s world works, how it functions, and how different it is to our own. Netero vs Meruem’s animation lets you see how this world operates, and how different these people are to us, and even settings like the World tree, which in reality is just a sapling that is 1.11 miles (1.79 km) tall shows you that this world is so different from ours and it is still much bigger than we believe.

Now here is where I give you a warning. What I talk about next is a spoiler for the final episode of the show, so just so you know I give “Hunter x Hunter” a 10/10, so if you don’t want to be spoiled you can leave now, but if you don’t care for the spoiler you can keep reading.

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Now, why talk about a 148 episode show, and why recommend that you to watch it? Well, it is because one of the biggest moments of the show for me is in its last episode of the show, where Gon talks with his dad, Ging, at the top of the World Tree. In their conversation they talk about their lives and their experiences, and Ging explains why he left Gon. He left him because he knew that if he is his son, he would look for him, and because he wants to search for all that is unknown to humanity. He wants to go where no one has, he wants to see what no one has, he wants to understand what no one has, and even though that is a good goal, you shouldn’t really leave your son because of that.

But, then he started talking about his first discovery, a secret of a famous tomb, and how he spent months being detoured because he had to earn money for the expedition, and that he needed a crew, and needed many permits. So he took so many other steps to reach his goal, and when he did discover the secret of the tomb, his happiest moment wasn’t when he discovered the secret, but it was when he saw the faces of his colleagues cheering, people whom he had never met until a few months ago, and whom just recently started a friendship with. That is because of his belief, “You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want.” Which perfectly mirrored Gon’s journey, his main goal was finding his dad, but in the end, what was more important to him was the lifelong friendships he created while on his journey.

So don’t be desperate for this quarantine to be over, instead, take this time and enjoy it to the fullest, because even if this is a detour, you may just find something more important to you than you ever imagined.

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