The United States: A True Superpower?

Currently, the United States is the only superpower in the world. It is often known to act as the big brother for many countries and there has been an attempt from the US government and the media to portray the USA as the mediator of peace and harmony in times of conflict. 

One topic that we must not forget is that the US is the hub of capitalism. Naturally the ideology of capitalism is that if you can earn more, consume more, and spend more, you should do so. Naturally, being the superpower, the US brings out this behavioral trait in dealing with international allies and other nations. It is not surprising that the US is often seen to be bullying Canada or Mexico for various issues and also the fact that they have been the unspoken controller of the United Nations does not help either. In spite of taking advantage of the prowess that they possess, the US should focus on global issues with less self-interest in it.

Consider the Rohingya crisis in Burma. US intervention in such a crisis has been next to nothing. There was extreme violation of human rights through militant actions and riots in Burma but the US was silent. However, when there were complaints of Saddam Hussein being unfair to people, the US was swift to take action. Of course later we all understood that it was for their own self-interest.

Being a superpower, the US should be a role model and help developing countries to reduce corruption, uplift women, provide healthcare to the needy, and fight the global challenges like poverty. In spite of that, if the US keeps being selfish, then it may not remain a superpower for very long. A super power should view issues with a global outlook rather than local self- interest.

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