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Music to Your Ears

During these difficult times, the best way to feel better or to escape reality is to listen to music. Music impacts us in an inexplicable way! This is why I decided to create a playlist that can express how we are feeling in this stressful time. 


Sale el Sol by Shakira

This song is about hope, and what we ALL need right now is hope. We need hope that sooner or later this pandemic will end. The two lines that impact me are: “And a day after the storm. When you least expect it, the sun rises.” I chose this song because it helps me have faith that things are going to be okay, and that I need to have patience and enjoy the journey. 


Yo No Sé Mañana by Luis Enrique

I chose this song because it tells people to enjoy your life day by day, to not rush anything. The translation of two lines that are meaningful in a way is: “I don’t know tomorrow, I don’t know tomorrow. If we’ll be together if the world is ending.” This song helps to calm me down, and inspires me to do what I want today. This songs tells me not to waste the present and wait to do something until the perfect time because there is never a perfect time. It says that you should take action today because you don’t know what may happen tomorrow. 


Un Año by Sebastian Yatra

I feel that teenagers can relate with this song because it talks about how time can pass by slowly. You can relate because this pandemic feels like it is never-ending; this is why I chose the song. “Puede que pase un año más de una vez. Sin que te pueda ver. Pero el amor es más fuerte.” Also this song tells you that even though you can’t see your friends and relatives, the bond and love you have with them will always be present. 


Parque Acuático by El Kuelgue

I chose this song not because you can relate to it at this time, but because it is a relaxing song that can help you stay calm because we all get frustrating days. “¿No ves? Es el único lugar al que quiero volver.”


We Are Young by fun, Janelle Monae

This song is important since it helps you stay calm. It talks about how we are young; this is why I chose it. Even though it may seem like we are going to spend our lives living like this, stuck inside our homes, WE ARE YOUNG! We have a whole life coming. Even though we might lose a year of experiences and growth, it is not the end of the world because we still have time and our life is NOT ending here. “Tonight. We are young.”


If the World Was Ending (Spanish Version) by JP Saxe, Evaluna Montaner

I chose this song because it is kind of relaxing and it describes our situation: that we feel that the world is ending tomorrow. Also, the music is calm and good. “But if the world was ending, you’d come over, right?” It also talks about feeling supported by someone, and we all need support right now. 


La Gloria de Dios by Ricardo and Evaluna Montaner

This song is more of a personal one; however, I know many teenagers may relate with this song because it can give you faith and hope. It talks about trusting God and knowing things will be all right. The translation to a part of the song is: “From the glory of God will come. Blessing and in abundant bread. For you and for me. And whoever wants to come. To the Glory of God.” 


Treat People with Kindness by Harry Styles

I chose this song because we all have bad days, but it is important to remember to treat people with kindness and to be thankful for having them. Sometimes we let our feelings control us, and we might explode once in a while and say mean things to our loved ones when maybe they don’t deserve to be treated that way; it is not their fault that you are frustrated. “Maybe, we can Find a place to feel good. And we can treat people with kindness”


Don’t Stop Believin’ by the journey

This song is kind of a classic. We might all know it; however, I like it, because the message is true: don’t stop believing! Things will be all right. We just have to wait, but things will turn out well. A lyric I like: “Don’t stop believin’. Hold on to that feelin’.”

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