Dear Past Self

Dear Past Self,

First of all, you may think it is weird that I am sending you a letter as you know nothing of what I currently know. However, in my opinion, you need to read this letter.

Be ready for what life throws at you. You may think it is easy, but in reality, it is the hardest thing anyone can ever do. Life can throw at you the curviest of curveballs, and no one can ever be fully prepared to face them, so I ask that you at least be ready to adapt.

You don’t like going to school, waking at 5:30 am and spending seven hours in one place that can be very boring and tiring. Well, let me tell you that in the coming year you don’t have to worry about going anymore. Heck, don’t even worry about going outside! You can stay inside as long as you want, which I know you will love.

However, you should still take advantage of and enjoy what you are able to do in your day. You can go to school all weekdays, go outside to watch a movie, eat something, go to the beach and more, but in time, you will not be able to do that until who knows when. You should enjoy all the things you are able to do. Just because what may come next won’t affect you as much, doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to just your bubble of conformity. There is a whole outside world that you could have enjoyed, but refused to enjoy to the fullest.

Go outside, at least for as much as you can until you are unable to do so. 

Honestly, I wished you would have spent more of your time socializing with people. Just because you are someone that doesn’t require social interactions to operate doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have social interactions with other people. Talk with your friends or visit your grandmother more often since you won’t be seeing her for a while and can’t go outside. Do something physical for once. I know you are not into sports, but there are other things you can do that aren’t sports. And trust me: you may not like going to school, but it at least makes you feel like you had a full day, did do something and used your time productively.

Also, let me tell you this: stock up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer. That’s as much as I can tell you without causing a time paradox that distorts the properties of space and time, and has our timeline collapse on itself. It’s already bad enough that I am sending you this letter.

Knowing you, you will be fine—more than fine. You will be great when everything goes south. You are an independent person: whether it is good for you or not will be up to you.

I wish I had a letter from my future self. Not to know what will happen to the world in the future, but to know how I should change for the better, what I should know, and what I should do to be a better person than I was going to be. I could have hope for not just what will happen to me, but for what will happen to everyone. I know it will get better. Humanity will come up with an answer—even if the answer is not something we agree with. The only wonder I have is: what is beyond that? What is life gonna throw at us next, and are we going to be ready to face it that time?


Your Future Self

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