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Immortal Cage Bird

Words, simple and slim, the caged bird sang for others to hear

the free bird yet, high it flew

never did he sing

not of the rivers, not of the sky, 

nor the flowers his wings touched on the spring

Voices are heard of those who speak

Like the caged bird’s sweet melodies

words fly forever

far more than a free bird could have touched

made immortal a frail caged bird

Gave what the free bird could not have

For the caged bird’s wonders touched every ray of the sun

traveled the world with the sound of sweet songs

Traveled the world far more than the free bird could ever had

reached higher than any wing could ever fly



Maya Angelou speaks of two birds in her poem “Caged Bird” one that is free and enjoys beautiful paradises. Later, she speaks of a caged bird deprived of all the freedoms that Maya Angelou mentioned the free bird to have. However, regardless of his adversity, the caged bird sang. I figured that Maya Angelou never spoke of the free bird to sing of all the beauties and greatness he came along to see. It was only the Caged Bird that sang. Words that are are so powerful, both of them could have used but only one, the caged bird, used them and therefore he gained something much bigger than the free bird, a true freedom, and this is what my poem evokes. 



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