What Happiness Looks Like….

Happiness can be abstract and hard to describe for most people; yet, I have a clear vision of what happiness looks like to me. In Guatemala, I experienced situations that truly shaped me as a person, but instead of going in too deep, I am going to take a few moments to express my emotions in looking back on events in a grateful manner.

Weather, climate, and beautiful trees are a part of my days that can drastically have an impact on me. I remember waking up at 6:30 am to those grayish foggy cold mornings of 16c and getting dressed quickly so I could preserve some heat. Then, I’d run to the bus and enjoy my few moments in the cold.

My school in Guatemala has a beautiful campus and a forest can be found on campus. Though the school is not as big as ANS, I  like that it had a cozy warm feeling. Sitting in my art class, there was a direct view to beautiful trees that I would always comment on as I just couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have those trees year round. Even in my neighborhood, there were beautiful trees and leaves. Afternoons after soccer, I would be dropped off  and go on a photo shoot with all the pretty leaves, trees, and sunshine I could possibly find. This made me happy.


( 1st picture:  sky at a soccer game)                (2nd picture: the night sky at my friend’s house)


Though currently, I am here in Nicaragua, I have managed to find some of that happiness here too. When going to the beach, something I never did in Guatemala because they don’t have pretty beaches like in Nicaragua, I found a beautiful view around me. Trees so big they looked like giants lived there, cows and horses running and eating their grass, and beautiful windmills. Looking back, now that we are under quarantine, I would give it all to be able to go back and view my trees a bit longer this time.


(3rd picture: my neighborhood later in the afternoon)     (4th picture: the lake atitlan)

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