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Waves of Love – Original Poetry


More than a million words in the English language,

And not one helps me describe what love truly feels like.


I still remember the first time I cried because I loved.


It’s an overpowering feeling that leaves you speechless.

Like when that one wave takes you by surprise and pushes the air out of your lungs.

It’s just as scary as when the wave tumbles you over and you feel like maybe, just maybe, you might drown

But then it makes you smile because it made you feel more alive than ever.


Looking into the eyes of that person you love is like looking right into the sun, 

You feel their sight pierce into your soul,

Making your whole body flush with the power of their sight.

It’s beautifully painful.


The way that person looks at you

It makes you feel like you’re the only person in his world.

The way they caress your cheek in a way 

that makes your whole body melt at the edge of their fingertips.


Hugging them is like soaring through the sky like a bird.

Feeling so free, yet so calm and serene.

You feel as light as a feather, with no sorrows to pull you down.


Because when you’re in love,

There are no anchors too heavy

No sun too bright,

No storm too scary,

no depths too dark.


The only feeling evading your body,

Is the one of drowning in love,

Flying in love, 

And floating on love

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