What About the Future?

It was all calm in the beginning. News of a new virus strain being discovered in China was quickly forgotten even as it spread across several Southeast Asian countries. It must have been a fluke, after all, we trusted our governments and their ability to handle such things. Nevertheless, we won’t be making things political in this text, however politically acquainted these events could become in the near future. As nations that were close-by to China were overrun, us here in the American continent didn’t think much of it. After all, they had already started to monitor airports and passengers to prevent the spread. However, after witnessing the horrific sequence of events that developed in Europe: namely Italy and Spain, it was soon clear that no one was safe.

Soon people were ordered to refrain from going outside as much as possible. In order to drive the virus to an inescapable corner, governments across the world issued lock down protocols to citizens, closing non-essential businesses and causing lay-offs of millions of employees. While governments frantically searched new methods and funded institutions and corporations to produce medical equipment to help the already ill, people laid idly at their homes, unsure of what to do next… 

To many this was a temporary event. In a month, everyone would be back at work, back in class, working once again as if nothing had ever happened during the Winter-Spring seasons of the year 2020. Of course, this is not what happened. After all, I am here, you reading this, are here, and so are billions of others all across the world sitting at their homes, working, studying for tests, completing college assignments all from the comfort of home.

I believe that it must have been the same process for most of us. As a student myself, I can envision countless fellow high school students, contemporaries of this specific generation, experiencing the same thing. It seemed like a short break at first. To my own eyes as a student in Nicaragua, it was more of a precaution taken by a reputable institution to ensure the safety of their members. The short break we took transitioning from physical classes to online classes was welcome, and the following online classes were rather peaceful, calming, you could say. I would lay down on my bed for a few minutes between classes, and I felt refreshed at each and every class I joined. But there was one thing I was forgetting about in all of this, something that adults and working individuals found out much sooner. What about the future? 

I finally woke up from the trance. What am I going to do a mere half year ahead from this point in time? I need to apply to colleges. This is the second semester of my junior year! How foolish was I to think that I was here to merely relax and loiter around the house? My future! However idle I was in my life before being swamped in my home, I still had an ideal life I wanted to work towards! This is why the home is not a comfortable haven, but rather a deadly trap full of deceit. It makes us forget that time continues flowing. We may see the same scenes day after day at home, but time is flowing.

What will happen to me, to my family, to everyone else in the world, I do not know. All I know is that I need to study for exams, prepare for tests, and brace myself for the worst: an extension of this deceiving idleness.

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