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That’s Pretty Sick!

Picture this: It’s the middle of summer vacation, and it’s a balmy 79 degrees outside – a sprinkle of clouds are sparsely scattered across the sky, and there’s a cool breeze outside. It’s the picturesque summer day. And, you’re stuck inside. You aren’t allowed to leave the house because of, that’s right, the coronavirus.

You want to go out for a walk, but no – social distancing. You want to go to the pool, but no – social distancing. You want to go bowling with your friends but no – none of your friends like bowling. And, also social distancing. What are you to do? You can’t just stay in, because not only is it the perfect day outside, but you just finished your fourth meal of the day, and it’s only 1 pm. You need to leave the house, burn some calories, and not feel ashamed about that plate of nachos you had at noon. So, I ask again – what are you to do? 

Hell if I know.

Alright, I’ll admit it – this isn’t some imaginary situation I just wrote up. That’s how I’ve been feeling for the past week or so – feeling like I’m just not doing enough to warrant what I’m eating. I felt unhealthy, greasy, lazy, and I didn’t really know what to do about it. Because let’s face it – exercising during this whole quarantine thing is hard. Sure, those articles you read suggest 20 minute indoor workouts of squats and push ups, but you don’t (and lord knows I don’t) want to spend my time indoors doing a 30 second plank. And generally, not wanting to do something means that it won’t get done. So, for me (and I assume many of you as well), I just didn’t do squat. (Get it? Didn’t do squat? Like the exercise?) However, not doing any exercise didn’t help me with the crushing guilt I felt for eating 5 meals a day and only occasionally getting out of bed – so what did I do? I…

Went out and bought more snacks.

No, no, no – I promise, this goes somewhere. What I did was go out and buy snacks, but I exercised the entire way there and back. No, I didn’t walk, and no, I didn’t do crunches in the backseat of a car – I took out my skateboard and bike for the first time in months, and went there on wheels. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t that a social distancing, corona spreading, poorly chosen decision?”

No – and here’s why. When you’re on wheels, you are moving far faster than any pedestrian, and this means that you’ll be going faster than the germs can get to yo-

Wait, that’s not how that works? Oh.

Well, forget that reason then. But, for real, when you’re on a bike, or skateboard, or whatever, you generally ride on the road. And, because of safety laws, cars tend to stay 10+ feet away from anyone who’s not in a vehicle. This means that not only are you exercising, but you’re also keeping plenty of distance from the others around you. Of course, this doesn’t protect you from everything, but if you wear a mask while you ride, you’ll be more or less fine. I’ve ridden over 50 miles in the past 3 weeks by going to the store, buying some snack for the ride, and then going home. Not only am I exercising, but I’m also getting some important vitamin D, and still staying safe. So, to everyone who’s looking for a less boring, more fun way of getting some exercise during this whole thing, I strongly recommend going out for a bike ride, or for a skate. 

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