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Game Review: The Last of Us

During Semana Santa, I took advantage of the huge amount of free time I had on my hands to try out new games. One of the new games I played was “The Last of Us”. Though not a recent release, I decided to play the game because of the overwhelming acclaim it has received over the years since its release back in 2013 as a ps3 (PlayStation 3) exclusive. Now “remastered” for the next generation console(that being the ps4) and at a 100% discount for ps plus members, I decided to try out the game. 

Video Game Plot:

The Last of Us begins with the protagonist’s daughter, Sarah waking up in the middle of the night and finds herself alone. Suddenly, her father Joel crashes through one of the doors made out of glass fighting someone. He then grabs the gun and shoots the stranger, warning Sarah that something bad is happening and they need to leave. They get in a car and drive away, but are soon caught in a car crash amidst the chaos of other people trying to leave the city as well. When walking on foot they are ambushed by people who seem to be infected by a type of virus.

After outrunning the infected, Sarah and her father bump into an armed government agent. He receives orders to kill both of them, firing his weapon. Joel with the help of his brother kill the agent, but the bullets fired in the assassination attempt caught Sarah in the stomach, killing her. The game then skips forward in time, where Joel meets a girl named Ellie, who seems to be immune to the CBI (Cordyceps Brain Infection) as she had been bitten in the arm but never turned.

Joel goes on a long, painful journey to take Ellie to a special organization called the Fireflies, whose laboratory contained scientists that would extract the DNA sequences out of Ellie in order to create vaccines and end the crisis. But Joel finds out Ellie would be killed in the procedure, leaving him at a crossroads. It gets worse when he finds out that other immunes like Ellie have died in the process in vain. He then decides to not allow Ellie to go through the procedure, rescuing her from the scientists by telling her about their flawed plan. The story ends with Joel swearing that everything he said about the Fireflies to Ellie was true


In my opinion, I believe the game did live up to the standards everyone holds it to. This isn’t the typical story in a video game where the action is valued over storytelling, but rather the opposite. There were so many emotional moments and brilliant voice acting by the part of Ashley Johnson(Ellie) and Troy Baker(Joel).

I would recommend this game to anyone looking to play video games for good stories. This would also be preferable given the fact that the sequel, Last of Us 2, is set to be released later on in the year.

Personally, the game’s biggest impact was not just the story, but how much it is related to real life. Like the coronavirus, the CBI caused mass panic amongst the citizens, eventually reaching to quarantine in order to reduce exposure. Furthermore, the quarantine has left both worlds nearly empty, as most chose to stay inside and not take any risks.

Although the situation in the Last of Us is much direr as it is a near post-apocalyptic world, the resemblances are uncanny. This made me feel very uncomfortable and anxious at the same time. This was made worse by the fact that CBI is not fiction but real!

Thankfully, the strain of the virus that does exist is solely restricted to animals, but given how the coronavirus similarly began in animals it still makes me worried about the future. 


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