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Walking Past – An Original Poem

Original poem by Mayte Cruz

My poem was inspired by artwork featured in the New York Times by Sara Wong.

I am inspired by the concept of walking past people who could end up being important in our lives. Perhaps you  walked past the person you might spend the rest of your life with, or one of your future best friends. I am also inspired by the symmetry of the art with the girl with her dogs, and the boy near the palm trees. I wanted both characters to reflect upon each other as their shadows urge them silently to turn around.


Walking Past

I see him.
As I walk back home, I see him.
He catches my glance, I see him.
My dogs walking in front of me, I see him.
I think of what could have been, as I see him.

I see her.
As I walk into the store, I see her.
I catch her glance, I see her.
Walking towards the palm trees, I see her.
I think of what could have been, I see her.

Turn around.
As she walks back home, turn around.
He sees you, turn around.
The dogs see him too, turn around.
This could be the love of your life, turn around.

Turn around.
As he walks into the store, turn around.
You see her, turn around.
The palm trees point in her direction, turn around.

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