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A Student’s Reaction to Events

For today’s journal I chose the seed regarding two women who fell sick yet one survived, which is based on a New York Times article. This article was very sad and shocking, but it was mostly scary. In a time of crisis we all want to be safe and healthy, yet we can’t assume that nothing is going to happen to us. In this case, both of these women are nurses and also young mothers who had so much time left and so much more to experience before them, yet life came in and did what it does. It was heartbreaking to read that article as even though I am happy one of them survived, I can’t help but only think about the woman who lost her life.

What I found most interesting about this article is the way it was written as it makes us believe that the woman who survives is going to pass away, yet the woman who is assumed as healthy passes away. As someone who is in a journalism class, it was extremely resourceful to see how the author managed to write the story, since it is a difficult subject. I learned that how a story can be told in a different way, but I also learned that people who are considered young and healthy, can die from the coronavirus.

This makes me think about how life can quickly change and we can’t necessarily control what happens to us. I feel extremely empathetic towards the woman who lost her life. She was an amazing person who was loved by all and especially by her family.  She is the hero in this story. This is why this article has left me in a state of anguish, as I think about my loved ones. I think about my grandparents who live in another country and have pre-existing conditions that could severely affect the way their systems fight off disease. Yet, I am also hopeful that they are currently in their house in quarantine.

What concerns me the most are those cases like my parents who I don’t see taking care of their health. My mom and dad continue to smoke  (I hope they don’t get upset for exposing them). We know that smoking destroys the lungs, yet in a time of crisis they continue to smoke and go out for errands. I believe the best solution is for them to send the younger family members to do the errands (in gloves and masks and not touching anything), as they are less likely to die from this virus.

This also makes me think about all those teenagers who vape. What’s going to happen to them and to their lungs? Only time will tell. I only hope that more families do not have to experience what the young nurse’s family went through.

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