Student Experience

A Senior Student’s Perspective

Quarantine moments.

What I find most interesting about these times is that our generation loves to spend their time inside hibernation, on our phones, computers, tablets, game consoles and overall lacking interaction with others but now that we have the chance to do so (yes, under non-ideal circumstances), we do not want to anymore. It makes me think that it is our nature to want what we can’t have. It also makes me think that we do not appreciate things until they are taken away from us, in this case our freedom.

I worry that people are not taking this pandemic seriously and this might be the end of humanity. It is really daunting to think that, but it just might be. It is really in our hands. It is difficult to think it is your generation that is responsible for the end of humanity ,however, it is the reality we are living in today. It truly breaks my heart into a million pieces to see how nurses and doctors are risking their lives and their family’s lives during this time. There are nurses who are not getting the necessary equipment to protect themselves and there are doctors who were already retired, who are exposing themselves to these circumstances for us. We must listen and STAY AT HOME.

These are very uncertain times, but I would like to believe that this will end after holy week; however that might not be the case. The vice-president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo just informed the public that all schools will be closed until further notice. This doesn’t really bode well for students. As a senior, it is really heartbreaking. The next time I set foot on the American Nicaraguan School campus, I won’t be a student anymore. I’ll be an alumni if things won’t resolve quickly.


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