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One of the few things I really feel proud of is my taste in music. I know that doesn’t really sound like something to be proud of, but hear me out. I listen to a lot of music. And by a lot, I mean a lot. The amount of time Spotify is open on my phone during any given week is about 90 hours total—to put that in perspective, there’s only 168 hours in a week. That means that, at minimum, for 12 hours a day, I have some sort of music playing. And boy, oh boy, do I have some music. I have a playlist of over 3,333 songs, and it’s a massive collection of pop, indie, tech, rap, cultural, country, and rock. Name a genre: I probably have it. To be fair, this is a playlist I’ve been creating since 2016, and it’s taken around 4 years to get it to the point it is now, but still—that’s a lot of music, and I love it all. The playlist itself is a total monstrosity, but it shows my taste in music evolving, growing, and slowly becoming what it is today over the course of four years.

But, by no means is 2016 when I started developing my taste in music. Way back then, (back in 2007! I was five!) my father put his old 2001 iMac G3 in my bedroom, and loaded it up with educational stuff. I ignored all of it, and opened up iTunes instead. Loaded up on that computer was all of his music – over 1,200 songs, a couple podcasts and even some movies. Leonard Cohen, SNL, The Wiggles—you name it. From 1980’s rap to 2006 synth-wave pop, it was all there. And I listened to it all. Countless hours of my childhood were spent playing Wii and listening to Beck, building legos with Paul Simon or cleaning my room while Dr. Theopolis played in the background. This constant stream and massive variety of songs and genres made me open to more and more music as I grew older, and taught me how to enjoy different music in different ways. And I couldn’t enjoy music more because of it.

All this is in the past though. It’s not 2007 anymore: it’s 2020. There’s a supervirus, Kobe is dead, Australia is still a mess—the list goes on and on. But what does this have to do with music? Well, because of the obscene amount of free time I’ve had due to quarantine, I’ve compiled three separate playlists (and that number is sure to rise) of 50 songs each: One for indie music, one for techno music, and the last is more of a relaxing, chill playlist. All the songs are taken from the one massive playlist I have, and I wanted to make some small, genre’d playlists that people could look through and choose from. So here they are in all their glory:

Quarantine and Chill

Quarantine and Techno

Quarantine and Indie

More will be coming – a rock, pop, and rap playlist are in the works – but these three playlists are all hand-picked and carefully curated (not really I just picked the first 50 songs in my playlist that fit the genre), so enjoy them! Listen to them, and find a few new songs that you would want to listen to! And, if you enjoy all the songs from all three playlists, feel free to check out my giant playlist (this one), hit shuffle, and just jam out for a while—I know that’s what I’ll be doing. Enjoy!

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