Tik Tok During Quarantaine

When the school announced we were going to receive online classes I was very excited. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things I would do in my free time. However, after the first week of quarantine, I was already bored. I didn’t know what else to do besides watching Netflix, eating, or sleeping.

I bothered my sister every time I had the chance, until a friend showed me this new app called TikTok. I started to create content with my friends as a joke and to have a fun time while we were away from each other. Over time, family and older friends started to send me my own TikTok as if my own videos were going viral. From that moment I got so pumped and started to take it more seriously ,but at the same time had fun.

Today I spent all day watching TikToks and it’s funny how there are so many  created about the COVID-19 situation.

TikTok is a platform used to create videos with different content, such as funny videos, dances, and lets your creativity flow around. Many teens have used this platform to keep occupied doing this quarantine because it has so many users and the amount of content you can find is infinite.

TikTok was released on September 16, but it became viral in March of 2020. Tiktok is a new app, but its idea of creating 15-60 seconds videos wasn’t original… Musically was an app released in April 2014 and was a success, but it lost popularity and then Tiktok came along. TikTok now counts more than 500 million users of all ages who learn, teach, and create every day to see who can get more views.

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