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Celebrities Affected by Virus

Cases of coronavirus continue to increases at a large rate, causing some people go into hysteria. Some of the victims are well-known celebrities that have confirmed that they have tested positive for the virus. 

Over the week, new reports have confirmed celebrities like Tom Hanks and his wife tested positive for COVID-19 while being in Australia for business purposes. Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell Utah Jazz players have also been affected by the virus, reason why the NBA decided to cancel the remaining of the basketball season. The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau announced to media that his wife, the first lady, has tested positive with the virus. As well, soccer players as Dusan Vlahovic, Daniel Rugani, amongst others who have been tested positive. 

Doctors and scientists have made it clear if anyone has tested positive with COVID-19, they should be in quarantine to keep the virus from spreading and preventing future infections. Also, people who have been in touch or near the person with the virus should take precautions and go under testing to disregard if they have the contagious disease.

There are already more than 10,000 cases worldwide and the number doesn’t keep stopping, making it difficult to flatten the curve of infections. 

Based on several medical reports about the virus, 80% of people infected will have a cold which is known as a mild case. The additional 15% of people will be hospitalized because of health complications the virus provokes, such as trouble breathing, pneumonia, and high fever. The other 5% of citizens will have died, the majority adults over 60. For that 5% to happen, hospitals must have completely collapsed due to the number of patients with the virus. If this happens, which is already happening in European and Asian countries, it would affect due to the lack of material and human capacity. Because of this, many nations around the world have taken precautionary measures to be able to stop the outbreak, some of them closing the country completely so that people are quarantined in their homes for a certain time. 

The virus has been cataloged as a silent bomb because 26% of transmissions are by asymptomatic people that are carriers of the virus.

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