Astronauts Give Isolation Tips for Quarantine

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, many people have taken the decision of self-isolating to stop the disease from spreading, but also taking precautions for their own health and others. 

It’s not that easy being isolated from people because you miss the social part of your life, going out, the activities that you constantly do, amongst other things. Being “trapped” in a room or a place doesn’t help people cope with anxiety, that’s why NASA and other space agencies have given out advice to people on how to manage isolation.

Astronaut Scott Kelly gave brief advice on how he lived over a year in isolation and how he was able build a schedule to follow. “You will find maintaining a plan will help you and your family adjust to different work and home life environment…when I returned to earth, I missed the structure it provided and found it hard to live without”, said Kelly in a New York Times interview. He also addressed the fact that since many people are working from home and having their eyes 24/7 on computers or other electronic devices, it’s important to find a way of relaxation or de-stressing. “Take time for fun activities, I met up with crewmates for movie nights, complete with snacks…”, he said. Moreover, sometimes staying inside the house may not be the solution for you. Kelly also stated that people should go get some fresh air more often, “after being confined to a small space for months, I actually started to crave nature”.


Additionally, astronaut Anne Mcclain stated that we should be more open regarding our feelings, our weaknesses and try to communicate better with the people, whether it is your family, roommate, friends, etc. Having someone to hear you out makes you feel even better. “Balance your work, emotions, rest and personal time” Kelly also stated. 


This quarantine may even help you out find new hobbies that you didn’t know you would like. Try and come out of your comfort zone, always do something different since the same routine may be boring. Stay safe and wash your hand regularly! 


For more tips check this link video down below

An Astronaut’s Guide to Self Isolation

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