Student Experience

A Trip to the Supermarket During COVID-19

This morning I woke up craving strawberries with chocolate. I went to my mother’s room and asked her If we could go together to buy some. My mom loves to cook, she told me it was a great idea to make these appetizers. Sadly, she wasn’t very open to the idea of leaving the house these days due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). She showed me an article of how many people have died due to the virus and told me how serious this was going to get. But, I was craving those chocolate strawberries badly. I knew I was going to try to get them either way. 

After talking to my mom, I called my friends and asked which of them had already gone to the supermarket and how was the situation. Most of them told me not to go out, but the others told me that people are really opening their eyes and seeing how bad of a situation this is, and that they are taking actions about it. Sadly, Nicaragua is a poor country and lacks a strong educational system, so some don’t fully understand the problem of COVID-19. 

Finally, I did go to the supermarket and there it was: a worker putting hand sanitizer on every person going in. Another was cleaning each supermarket cart, every aisle was being cleaned, and everybody around had a mask to protect them from the virus.

This showed me how Nicaragua is being proactive about the problem and thinking about the damage this may cause to the country if we don’t take care. The coronavirus is such a dangerous virus that can spread so easily and can take so much time to cure, so making people conscious about this problem will only benefit us.

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