Life Without Sports – Life During a Quarantine


Before the worldwide self-quarantine and shutdown, I used to have a daily routine that would revolve around sports. Every now and then, I would check a website titled Marca which would report on sports (mainly soccer) all around the world. The news website would serve as a hub for me to be up to date on what was going on. But the updating that isn’t happening on Marca, also isn’t happening on other social media apps such as Instagram where many sports accounts usually post live updates on matches and player drama.

Usually, during the weekend, I would dedicate an hour or two to watching sports highlights from basketball and soccer to keep track of their seasons as they are my favorite sports and they were heading towards the most important part of the season. This is because in the months of April through June, these sports reach the playoffs. In soccer it is the round of 16 of the Uefa Champions League (UCL), and for basketball it is the NBA Playoffs and Finals. This is when both teams compete in elimination tournaments in which the losing team is out of the competition and have to wait for the next season to begin (which is October for the NBA and August for soccer).

Since this is the time of the year that sports gets more interesting, I was feeling more invested in some of the sports teams, especially with the Los Angeles Lakers.  My favorite basketball player Lebron James is on the team and they had been playing well recently, becoming genuine title contenders.

I also started getting more invested into debates about the NBA regular seasons. An example is who will be the the MVP.  Will it be Giannis Antetokounmpo? He had yet another great season average of nearly 30 points and was leading the Milwaukee Bucks as the best team in the NBA and at the top of the Eastern Conference. Or will it be Lebron James? He is in his 17th year at 35 years old, and is still the best basketball player in the world. He managed to lead the Lakers to the top seed of the Western Conference.

However, this all changed on March 11th when it was reported that Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz had tested positive for the coronavirus and had been in contact with several other players from other teams. This caused NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to suspend/postpone the league indefinitely. This was the start of a domino effect in which many sports leagues (including UCL) also postponed indefinitely.

 Now, I don’t have any sports to watch or be excited about among the chaos that is the coronavirus. My daily activities used to consist of watching sports notifications and highlights in between class time. However, now I can’t do that because nothing is going on in sports.

Many of the sports accounts in social media have resorted to showing highlights of the past seasons (going back to 2014!). Now my schedule consists of attending class on Google hangouts, playing challenging video games for fun, studying for the SAT, reading books to keep my mind going, and watching movies and YouTube videos because I have nothing else to do. T

he absence of sports has left a hole in my daily routine that can’t be truly replaced by anything else. I am used to the two month period in which professional athletes have their vacations, but what is happening right now could well last over half a year!

I am not the only one who feels this way. Many people throughout social media are also sharing their experiences. Plus, many people employed by the NBA are seeing their wages cut because the league is losing vast amounts of revenue. This has led athletes such as Kevin Love to donate millions of dollars to those being affected by these shortages. I fully understand why the major sports leagues had suspended games to prevent the spread of the virus.

As a sports fan and a person who cares about the world, I hope that we can pull through these tough times and go back to normal soon.

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  1. However the coronavirus is another matter. Sports activities, locally, nationally and globally, have been halted. We also had the feeling that, due to the many international competitions and non-stopping coverage on television and the internet, the pleasures of sport could still be enjoyed at all times. Everyone thinks sport will never stop and that only the Wimbledon or Olympic Games will give us the thrill and excitement

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