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How long will it be

Until that evanescent image

That my memory holds onto

Is solidified by your passing by 

In my line of sight,

Until I see you again?


I’ve dedicated my time in quarantine

To writing poems about you

About your fox-like eyes

And your slender artist hands, and about how 

I wouldn’t mind social distancing

If it didn’t prevent me 

From seeing you, specifically

You, with your 

Fox eyes 

And artist hands


I’ve dedicated my time in quarantine

To looking through pictures of you

Something pointless, I know

But everything seems pointless

If you look at it a certain way


And really, is there a better way

To forget that i’m at home

Than to see you somewhere else

And pretend I am there too?


Though, staring at that picture 

Of you in that café

The icing on your cake matching the color of your coat

I wonder why it is

That you are out

When i’m inside

That, through the screen, you look

As if there’s so much to be happy about

When, in my mirror, I look

As if there’s nothing


And then I get the news

Passed down from friend to friend

That you are sick

That you went out

And you got sick


And with this new perspective,

I wonder once again:

How long will it be

Until I see you again?


And how long will it be

Until I get sick too?

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