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Movie Review: The Founder – Inspirational Yet Questionable

Entrepreneurship is a very interesting career, that involves utilizing all of one’s skills and talents in order to fully achieve the goal set in place. The movie The Founder talks about the founding story of Macdonald’s and how it went from being owned by two small town brothers to becoming the world’s most famous franchise.

The movie narrates how Ray Kroc, next to his lawyer friend, managed to unlock the potential of the Macdonald’s franchise by making it about real estate: they would rent a lot of land towards the people who wanted to open a restaurant in their area and make a profit out of it.

When analyzing the characters in this movie I felt extremely sad to know that this was based on a true story and how horribly the Macdonald brothers were deceived by Ray Kroc. Though I believe that as entrepreneurs the brothers weren’t at the standard, given that they were very creative but lacked some basic skills, such as being risk takers or visionaries. Yet, these are all qualities Ray Kroc took to his advantage because he himself had them, and he understood that the brothers were never going to allow the expansion of Macdonalds that he envisioned–to the level he dreamed of.

The character of Ray Kroc is controversial, he was a natural entrepreneur with no fear, truly limitless–I mean he was willing to mortgage his house…that’s how persistent he was. Though after watching this I felt bad for the brothers even though I don’t think they were the smartest business men, they had a different vision and hope for Macdonald’s and seeing how their precious restaurant got taken away by a crazy man with questionable values is definitely heart breaking. However, many may argue that in terms of business, emotions and feelings must be left aside. Though I understand that point of view, I also believe in being an ethical human being and the idea that we carry ourselves with our values and morals, striving to uphold them the best we can.


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