COVID-19 Blocking Points

Image result for sports suspendedIt has been a wide shock to the sports society that all mass events have been suspended to the most recent pandemic, the COVID-19.

Previously, fans and players had the hope of keeping the league schedules by playing games at the stadiums without any audience. However, after different players from different sports teams got sick with the coronavirus, this possibility has completely vanished due to the risk of infecting other players.

On Wednesday, right before the tip-off of the game of the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma Thunders (National Basketball League), it was announced that Rudy Gobert has Coronavirus. Following, all the players of both teams were forced to stay overnight at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in quarantine to assure that the rest of them weren’t sick. Yet, it is worth mentioning that that ill player was not in the arena at that time. For a moment, the rest of that night’s game was suspended and following to that, the season was suspended. This hiatus allows time to determine what will be done globally as a response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, in Italy, which is under quarantine for being one of the largest hotspots for corona at a global level, a player for the Juventus soccer team was also tested positive for the virus. Just like this, the soccer Premier League also suspended the season due to the pandemic.

Like this, many other activities like the Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, and many other global events have been suspended, paused or delayed due to the virus.

As expected, this was very shocking news to all the fans that were very excited about the upcoming season. Nevertheless, despite all the commotion that this news has caused, it was understood by the bystanders. Notwithstanding, this is an eye-opener for everyone because it puts things into perspective, showing us how serious this pandemic really is.

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