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Catholic Life Missions 2020

A total of 31 high school students attended Catholic Life Missions in Matagalpa on Thursday, February 27 to Sunday, March 1. This is an annual trip that takes place at the Finca Santa Maria de Ostuma. The purpose is to spread the words of God to the Matagalpa community.

In preparation for Lent, students who showed Christian maturity, discipline, and commitment during Catholic Life classes were summoned to participate. In order to participate, the students attended three obligatory talks prior to the trip, on the three first Tuesdays of the month. Attendees included freshmen students: Sofia Cheng, Mariana Lanuza, Mariana Gonzalez, Maricarmen Vargas, Micaela Chamorro, Salomon Sanchez, Orlando Arguello, Sebastian Zamaro, Enrique Deshon, and Valeska Navarrete. Sophomores: Eduardo Horvilleur, Mariana Delgado and Ana Cobos. Juniors: Daniel Robelo, Diego Meneses, Carlos Sandino, Veronica Lanuza, Alina Mora, Anastasio Ortiz, Carmen Sandino, Agustin Sanchez, Arthur Grier, Silvio Vargas, Maria Jose Cardenal and Maria Auxiliadora Delgado. The senior class of 2020: Frank Matus, Adriana Mora, Maria Fernanda Matus, Maria Fernanda Pertz, Maria Cobos, and Isabella Deshon. These were the students who truly showed their Christian dedication at the end.

On these three days, students found themselves creating meaning contributions and connections with the people around them. Starting on Thursday the missionaries held a party for the kids of the community close to where they were staying, where they got the chance to speak to parents and their children about Jesus. Students brought donations to this community as well. On Friday and Saturday, they actually got to perform missionary work. Later on Saturday afternoon included a fellowship at the Divino Niño, followed by a mass. On Sunday, the missionaries were dropped off at ANS and were welcomed back home by their family members. All the students who attended this excursion can testify these three days were life changing and are something they look forward to every year.

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