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ANS Service Day

ANS had a service day on Wednesday February 26. As teachers were at a teaching workshop, ANS club service members were serving the community. Eight service clubs including Operation Smile, Fabretto, Pink Club, ALAAS, NHS, NJHS, Green Club, Aproquen and Hogar Puente la Amistad served our community in an impactful way. Over 80 students made an impact on the communities in Nicaragua on their day off! 

Pink Club, whose mission is to raise awareness and help fight breast cancer, supported patients at Fundación Ortiz Gurdián’s breast cancer treatment facilities in Managua. Members performed yoga with chemotherapy patients. According to the, several studies have demonstrated that yoga can combat fatigue and improve strength and range of motion for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Club members raised enough funds to sponsor the treatment of a cancer patient for a period of five years. The club currently is aiming to sponsor a second patient while continually working on raising awareness about the disease. 

Another club part of this awesome day was Operation Smile whose mission is to reduce cleft lips and palates in Nicaragua by raising money for children who need surgery. Members went to the OP Smile office to decorate the language therapy room.

ALAAS also participated. Their mission is to lay the foundation for an organization that helps successfully include children within the spectrum of autism into society and  the workforce, with the main objective of them achieving self-sufficiency. On the 26th, members gave presentations about autism to the students. For younger students, they did creative activities of expressing what they learned through drawings. For older students, they made small posters where they would write what they learned.

This day provided an enriching opportunity for service and fostering empathy across diverse service partnerships in Managua.

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