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Classroom Libraries – Let’s Read!

The ANS the English department is working on bringing in the best books for students. They hope to encourage students read more and have available in their classrooms fiction, non- fiction, fantasy, mystery, graphic novels, biographies and all types of genres. This gives students an opportunity to find the right book which suits their interests.

Reading brings many benefits to our memories, increases brain power, and even enhances empathetic skills.

ANS has enjoyed our large library full of diverse  books, but now, every English class has hundreds of books which are categorized so that it is easier for students to have the initiative of picking a book by their own choice. 

Also, at the beginning of every English class students are given 15 minutes to read a book of their choice. Like secondary English teacher Ms. Olivia Gunn always says, “If you don’t like it, drop it. Find the right book for you”.

She suggests reading the back of a book before starting it to make it easier to know if you’ll like it or just move to the next one. Also, writing sticky notes may help to understand what you just read, make connections, inferences, questions, and to track words you don’t know. All of these techniques will help with your reading skills.

Reading shouldn’t be viewed as a punishment. Ms. Lippay, secondary English, shares that“Reading helps you discover a new world and disconnect from reality”. Reading  broadens our imagination by stimulating the right side of our brain. It literally opens our minds to new possibilities and new ideas helping us experience and analyze the world through others’ lives.

The English department welcomes all to their class libraries in order to help our community find their perfect book and get engaged! Just stop by, find your book, and check it out by writing down your name, book title borrowed, and the date it was borrowed. It’s that simple! 



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