ANS Shines With Jornada Dariana

As per annual custom, in February we commemorate the legacy of Ruben Dario, the father of the modernism literary movement. This year, ANS Secondary students, along with the Spanish Department, had a closing ceremony for the school celebration of the Jornada Dariana. It was truly a wonderful show bursting with talent and arts. 

The event was invitation-only, and held in the Ossi Room. It was also packed full! During this event, which was very cultured, there were multiple acts. Two middle school students performed Swan Lake in ballet to illustrate the frequent swan allusions in Darío’s work. Sisters Elinor and Caroline Ketelhohn beautifully performed “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra. Four ANS senior students recited the poem “Lo Fatal” by Ruben Dario. A group of 8th graders performed main events in the life of Ruben Dario. ANS sophomore Camilla Gutiérrez recited a poem she wrote herself in the modernist style called “Caudal De Dolor.” Finally, the 10th grade Honors Spanish class performed an act where they depicted the Greek Muses and landmarks that inspired Ruben Dario to develop modernism, presenting themselves through exposition and waltz.

However, who really is Ruben Dario? Why do we celebrate him so much?

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“Rubén Darío was one of the Latin American poets who revolutionized the rhythm of the Spanish verse with his poetry. It could also be said that the modernist trend began with him, being himself the main promoter of it. Rubén began to write by habit as if writing poems were normal at that time and in his environment, but with an astonishing facility when composing verses with rhythms and recite them. The decades passed and Rubén Darío was called to rhythmically revolutionize the Spanish verse and fill the world of Spanish-American literature with new fantasies” (“Biografia de Ruben Dario”).

The objective of the ANS Spanish Department this year was to educate students more profoundly about the poet who inspired not just Nicaragua, but the whole world. Since the 6th grade, through Jornada Darianas and classroom activities, students have been able to learn more about Rubén Darío’s life and works in order to be further exposed to his legacy.

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