Opinion: Doing the Right Thing!

I believe that the world needs more people who are willing to meddle in an inhumane situation. 

For example, one time my mom was on an airplane when she saw an elderly Asian woman in a wheelchair being mistreated by flight attendants. The elderly woman couldn’t speak English fluently and was only saying the word: “Panama,” her destination, and where the plane was heading. There was an obvious communication issue and the flight attendant grew impatient with the woman. The employee slowly but surely was becoming ruder. As this was all happening, the other passengers were watching silently and said nothing to help the elderly woman—that is until my mom decided she had seen enough and stood up from her seat. Then, she proceeded and confronted the flight attendant.

My mom made it clear to the attendant that it was their “job to provide their services in a respectful manner towards everyone on the plane.” She continued in a calm tone, and stated: “Now, you get a grip on yourself and find this lady a wheelchair for the way back and take her to her seat.”

The elderly woman was very overwhelmed and concerned as to what would happen, but my mother assured her that everything would be fine and settled back to her own seat. 

Immediately after, the other passengers who were watching so quietly started clapping and cheering for what my mom had so boldly done. However, this only caused my mom to feel more infuriated. Then, a woman who was sitting next to my mom approached her and stated how she had also wanted to help that woman, but that what my mom had done had been amazing. Perplexed, my mom asked, “Why didn’t you say anything when it was crucial to stand up and help this lady? You are no different than the flight attendant as you did absolutely nothing to help that poor lady at the moment!”

This is why I believe in standing up for others: when you remain silent you take the side of the oppressor.

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