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Discovering Passion for Diplomacy Through HACIA

It’s that time of the year once again when the ANS students who participate in clubs such as HACIA travel for the conferences in which they have been preparing.  Luiselena, a sophomore and current member of HACIA, shares her experience about her second year of attending the HACIA conference. 

HACIA is short for HACIA Democracy, which stands for Harvard Association Cultivating Inter-American Democracy. It is a bilingual simulation of the Organization of American States which brings together more than 400 students from 13 countries. This year’s conference will be held in Quito, Ecuador from March 11 through the 17th.

This year, Luiselena will be part of the Press Corps for CNN. This complements her new role in Journalism class at ANS. She shares that she is, “very excited to go as this my first time participating in a non-debate committee”.  Her favorite part of the event is “the fact that you get to know people from all over the continent. You get to experience new friends, finally realizing that you have friends all over the place.”

HACIA helps develop many important attributes that form part of educational excellence. A pre-requisite for ANS students is their requirement to participate in DALE , a national conference. Students must be high schoolers  and engaged in their every day classes maintaining their work up to date.

Luiselena prepares and knows what is expected of her by guiding herself with the bulletin that is provided by the committee chair.  A position paper is required which has to be written according to the viewpoints of the assigned country, minister, or news anchor.  ANS students are also required to participate in the essay contest which is a competition where the board of HACIA provides a prompt regarding an issue, whether social, political, or economic, within Latin America.

Luiselena recommends that students get involved early. When she first started as a ninth grader last year, she learned how inexperienced she was compared to the rest of 18 year olds. However, she used this opportunity to grow and learn, including tactics to what to say and how to act.

It is through Luiselena’s participation in opportunities like DALE and HACIA that she has found her passion for diplomacy.



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