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Sea Foam Takes the Streets in Spain

A winter storm arrived Sunday in Tossa de Mar, a small town in the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain, causing the streets to be flooded with seafoam. This storm later moved on and also arrived in southern France. 

On Tuesday, January 21, the storm caused giant waves that flooded the streets in Tossa de Mar with an enormous amount of seafoam, affecting shops and restaurants. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this natural phenomenon happens when the organic and artificial matter is agitated because of the winds and waves from the ocean. The decaying of algae matter makes seafoam convert into an organic matter, which later on is washed up onto the shore of the beaches. 

The authorities in Tossa de Mar have described the situation as a complication to the infrastructure of the town, but asserted that the seafoam isn’t considered a dangerous hazard to human health. The town’s residents had the idea of removing the seafoam from streets but due to intense winds, the foam kept coming back and ruining the cleaning efforts. The heavy rainfall turned out to be a storm with the given name of Gloria. It didn’t make things easy for people because it incremented the floods and sadly took five lives away, leaving behind destruction in near areas. 

Storm Gloria continues to move inland through Spain and is expected to touch French ground, potentially causing huge floods in the southern part of the country. Statements made by experts and scientists have made citizens more aware and prepared for upcoming catastrophes. While foam still inundates the road, citizens have remained safe and taken shelter in their homes. Due to the damage caused in the eastern parts of Spain, the national weather service AEMET reported that the storm is recorded as being one of the strongest from the last 70 years. 

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