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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the more interesting days of the year. It’s a day all about loving your spouse, your partner, your better half. It’s a day to show appreciation and adoration, to send chocolates and flowers, to support your loved one to the utmost of your abilities. Sure, it’s great and all – the lovey-dovey-ness, the warm fuzzy feeling, the guilt trips if you forg- I mean, all of the special things that you do for one another – the point is, it’s a wonderful, lovely holiday with no errors or mistakes at all. Besides one, little, tiny, itty-bitty thing, that is.

Why is Valentine’s Day the only day of the year that is all about loving your partner? The idea that there is one day, a singular day devoted to showing just how much you love someone – it seems fake. Every single day spent with someone should be special, every moment should be one to be remembered. It seems fake for there to need to be a day to remember ‘Oh yeah, I do love this person’ and to then do something about it. It’s a flawed way of thinking, and it leads to poor foundations for relationships, this expecting more from someone, this idea that you don’t have to be the best you can be for another every other day of the year. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a day where you treat someone nicer than ever, it should just be a day where you treat someone the same as you always do.

So, instead of making it seem like Valentine’s Day needs to be some big event, why not tone it down a little? Forget the thousand roses, forget the hundred-dollar dinner, and forget the excess of presents and other tokens of affection – just take it easy, and spend more time with each other then you normally would. Watch an old film, listen to some jazz, and make your favorite meals. In other words, do things that only two people who are truly in love would do for one another. But, above all, say ‘thanks’ to the other person, because sometimes, that’s all the other person needs to hear – that you’re thankful for them.

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