ANS Chinese New Year Celebration

新年快乐! Happy New Year!

On January 24th, Chinese teacher Mrs. Carolina Yun and her students put an incredible performance to celebrate the Chinese New Year! From elementary students to seniors, people of all ages participated in celebrating the occasion. The show varied with an assortment of singing, dancing, and acting. 

The year 2020 is the year of the rat. To commemorate this, students enacted a performance as little mice. They involved the audience by handing out mouse ears to students and parents as if they were part of the show.

Likewise, the dragon dance was unique this year: it acted like a cat, chasing the rats that were trying to steal its cheese. It was a comedic performance overall, a lot of laughs were heard in the audience, and the children particularly enjoyed this part of the show. 

Elementary school students were captivated by the dragon’s performance.

There were also many types of dancing, including an umbrella dance, a fan dance and Tai Chi!

Furthermore, there were great musical performances. A small group of students formed a band and played the Chinese song Fragrant Rice (稻香), with the participation of elementary students who banged cups to the beat of the song, reminiscent of a scene from Pitch Perfect; other groups participated in their own musical renditions.

ANS junior student, Jihun Jung, participated in the festivity, taking part in the Tai Chi segment, and playing the guitar for the band. According to Jung, a lot of hard work and preparation went into the show:

“For tai chi, we practiced in class with everyone and took turns in giving inputs in 

ways we could improve our timing because it was one of the hardest things for us to do. For the song, it was very complicated. In the beginning, the Chinese teacher wanted us to do the song with no instruments, only the person singing and a lot of people matching harmonies. But after a lot of persuading and talking, we convinced her to change it to me and Sung playing the guitar and piano and Maria and Edoardo singing the song while the after school kids banged the cups to the beat of the song. For the actual song practice, we ended up doing them in Mr. Spiro’s room, and we would either practice during the Chinese period or we would set up time after school to practice.”

However, it was all worth it in the end. Jung stated, “I think it was successful overall, and although there were some technical mishaps, everyone did their best to whatever they were assigned to, which I think played a big role in making the Chinese New Year celebration a reality.”

Congratulations to Mrs. Yun and all Chinese students! It was a superb performance. Their dedication, hard work and effort truly shined through. It was a good start for this new year!

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