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In The Heights – Coming to Nicaragua

“In The Heights” is a musical with music and lyrics written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and script written by Quiara Alegría Hudes. The story follows the characters of a Hispanic-American neighborhood called Washington Heights set over the course of three days. The musical opened on Broadway in March 9, 2008 and was nominated for thirteen Tony awards and won four of them, including Best Musical, Best Choreographer, and Best Original Score. Now, “In The Heights” is coming to Nicaragua with the help of ANS student Edoardo Amador.

Edoardo’s history with “In The Heights” dates back to sixth grade when he started acting and joined the drama elective. He shares that, “I joined the Drama elective, and it was not famous nor that popular whatsoever. We had like 12 students in the class. We started our musical theatre unit and my teacher decided to display a documentary about the musical “In The Heights”. When I first saw it I was enthralled by everything, and I knew that that was something I wanted to do. So, I tried it out and I thought it was cool and it became and has been my favorite musical ever since”. His love for the musical was the starting point, and the start of something big.

When asked about the struggles in production, he acknowledges early casting issues that are now solved. He is still positive even with their one week delay stating he can easily fix them, with the rehearsal starting next week. “We haven’t started yet (rehearsing), before we had some problems with casting, but we already resolved those problems. We will start rehearsing next week, and though we are delayed by a week, we can easily fix that, but I don’t see any upcoming problems, I hope”. 

However, this performance of “In The Heights” is not only for fun, but it is also to bring schools together in the subject of performing arts. “The whole point of this project is to bring schools together as a community for the arts. This means that not only have ANS participants, but also from Teresiano, and Lincoln. We have many schools participating as one, and we hope to create a more art accepting culture here in school and in Nicaragua”.

While his favorite character, and possible character he will be playing remains a secret. He shares that, “You’re gonna have to wait and see who it is.”

His favorite track is “96,000”. This is a musical number about the top prize in a lottery, and each character reveals what they would do with the money. This gives us a look into their determination to have their dreams come true. He shares that “My favorite track ‘96,000’. The whole show is about Latinos in the U.S. and how they struggle in their everyday lives. So the whole number is about them thinking about winning the lottery and what they would do with that money. They start singing about all these impossible dreams. It’s just 96,000 dollars, and they have dreams like, renovating the barrio, or getting into college. These are things that money isn’t gonna get you, but it allows you to have a clear view of what these people’s goals really are in life, and that they are working hard to achieve that.”

When asked about the next musical that he would choose to perform he chose, “Next To Normal”, a musical about the life of a woman, and her disorder that allows her to see her dead son. “In general, I definitely would choose “Next To Normal”. It’s about this mother who lost her child sixteen years ago, but has this disorder that allows her to see her child every day. And because of it her life and and her family’s life are going to ruins because of this disorder. This one ghost-child is disrupting everything in her life. It is really and dark and amazing, and I’d love to play this someday.”

Look out for “In The Heights” being performed either the third or fourth week of May.

With 100% of the show already cast, Edoardo hopes to use this opportunity as a sign for things to come for the musical theatre genre, not only in school, but also in all of Nicaragua as a whole.

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