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Teacher of The Month (January)

How well do we really know our teachers? We know if they prefer detention to sending emails, if they’re nitpicky about your grammar or if they’ll let a couple of typos slide; if they like giving essays or tests, or some hellish combination of both . But there’s so much more that’s left unanswered. Like, what pulled them to Nicaragua? Why’d they want to be teachers in the first place?  What makes them cry and what makes them smile? What’s their favorite color? We wanted to dig deep and pull back the layer of unknown to reveal who these people were to the ANS student body. These questions are meant to let students know a little bit more about their teachers, helping students get to know them as people, not just as educators. 

Ms. Kelly Larson, Secondary English Teacher

We wanted to know more about Ms. Larson’s life before being a teacher in ANS, so we asked her questions about her life in general, including what brought her to Nicaragua.

Ms. Larson is from Florida and came to Nicaragua where she is an English teacher at ANS; however, she didn’t always want to be a teacher. When she was a little kid, Ms. Larson previously wanted to be a painter, but didn’t want to pursue her dream since she wanted to be more active in her career, which led her to become a teacher. Finally, the reason she chose to work in Nicaragua is that she likes the tropical climate, and it’s close to home (which means she could have escaped easily if she wanted to).

In order to dig deeper into how Ms. Larson views the world, we asked her questions about her tastes in media, her opinions on pressing topics including world events, and the pronunciation of the word “gif” (she says it’s pronounced gif by the way). Her favorite movie is the “Emperor’s New Groove” and her favorite TV show is “You”. When asked about her opinion on current events, she said “the world is burning”. 

Even though we wanted to know about her as a person and not just a teacher, we still wanted to learn about her experiences as a teacher. To Ms. Larson, teaching high school was definitely the best option due to her desire to be able to mold young minds during such a formative time. Her favorite part of teaching is having fun with her students while they’re learning and her least favorite of teaching is grading. With her teaching, she hopes to grow along with her students and give her students a safe space to express who they are. The advice Ms. Larson would give to aspiring teachers is to not sweat the small stuff, and that “everyday might not be good, but every year should be.”

To know more about her personality we asked her to describe her life as a genre and she responded with “Adventure”. Her pet peeves are when people don’t listen to her, and her repeating herself constantly. Her hobbies are reading, working out, eating, traveling, painting, and watching Netflix. Ms. Larson is more of an introvert than an extrovert, and a quality of herself that she is proud of is the ability to adapt easily to change, and not minding it.

To go deeper into Ms. Larson’s mind we asked “philosophical” questions to know her outlook on life. When asked about what keeps her up at night she said it’s grading. Her goals are to have a family one day, and to travel to different places. When asked about the meaning of life she responded how most people would, “I don’t know”. Then, we asked her THE most important questions, her “favorite color” and “least favorite color”, which she answered with green, and orange respectively.

Finally, to finish our interview we asked her about: “Her greatest accomplishment”, “Favorite Book”, “Favorite Character Archetype”, “Emotion Exhibited Most”, and “Emotions Felt the Most”. For the first question she responded that finishing her masters at 23, and petting a llama were her biggest accomplishments. For her favorite book and character archetype questions she responded with, “Born a Crime” and the “Jester” archetype respectively. Finally, for the what emotion she exhibits and feels most she responded with, “Acceptance and Understanding” and “Joy” respectively.

This finalizes our first in a series, “Teacher of the Month”. Join us next month to find out more about our teachers!

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