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A Suggestion for Education at ANS

After being at ANS for 11 years, I have gone through different stages of the curriculum and school year changes in both elementary and secondary.  I did not have a problem with the way the school sets up class for us to learn, until recently.

I always believed that if I tried hard enough, I could understand the material and succeed  by applying it later on. However, I soon realized that some of the concepts we are taught are not done appropriately and this results in many of the students forgetting the material that they learn. For example, during one of my AP classes, some of my classmates started complaining about how for the SAT writing section, they had to teach themselves how to use semicolons, colons, and commas appropriately based on sentence structure because they had forgotten what they had been taught beforehand. Now you might say these are irresponsible students, but they are some of the best students in my grade and are very dedicated towards their grade and learning. If they forgot and struggled to learn grammar, imagine how the rest of the grade is in terms of grammar!

Now this problem isn’t down to one person; it is part of the curriculum planning. One of my Spanish teachers back in middle school taught me how to write tildes, which is an accent placed over vocals on certain words (for example: “había”). These words need to meet certain rules in order to appropriately place that accent. Learning these rules and applying them is challenging at the beginning, especially for middle schoolers. Thankfully, this teacher took time out of her class to teach her students how to do it properly, even going as far as to making tests and essays fully graded upon the aspect of grammar and writing throughout the year. This type of teaching and testing not only creates an incentive to get good grades, but to also learn and remember grammar rules because they can make a difference between a good grade and a bad one. Now I am not saying to do this for every class, but doing it to some extent would help students remember the content they learn and they might not be forced to look back on it years later for the SAT or other special exams they are taking. 

To conclude, I appreciate the efforts the ANS faculty and the board of directors have done to provide the best education possible. However, like everything in life, there is room for improvement in many areas to make the experience more enjoyable. 

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