Senior Corner: Regina Franco Méndez

As part of a special feature that we would like to continue in the future, we have launched ‘Senior Corner’ articles! These will feature small interviews with some randomly-selected exceptional seniors of each graduating class of ANS. Since they are twelfth graders, they are asked twelve questions! For this issue, we were happy to be able to interview Regina Franco Méndez.


Regina Franco Méndez, ANS senior


What is your name, where are you from, and how long have you been at ANS?

  • My name is Regina Franco Méndez, I am from Mexico, and this is my third year at ANS, so I would say I’ve been here for around two and a half years. 


What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

  • Ah, three words? I am not sure. Maybe: creative, smart and quirky?


What are some of your hobbies? What have you been involved in at school?

  • One of my favorite hobbies is playing the guitar! I’ve been doing so since sixth grade, but I don’t focus on a specific type of guitar music or genre; it just depends on the mood. I also love watching movies, and my favorites are Lady Bird and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
  • In school, I am currently a Speaker Coach for [email protected]! I am also an active member of our Drama Club and act in performances. I also like debate and I was previously part of the DALE Nicaragua staff as co-chair of the United Nations Security Council committee.


What are your potential study or work plans for the future?

  • Well, right now I am not completely sure, especially since I am still debating between two distinct career paths that I really like, but are also really different. Regardless of what I choose, I think I would like to study and work in the U.S., specifically, in Texas. Okay, so one option would be to go into film or something related to it, like screenwriting, which I am really interested in. Another option would be to go into criminology, which I also find really interesting. If I were to go into criminology, I would like to work in the U.S. justice system. Right now, quite frankly, I think the system is very flawed, and I would truly love to be able to change and reform it for the better. It’s just such an important part of our society. 


How was your college application experience?

  • Stressful. I’ve already finished and applied to all my colleges, and it was a lot of hard work. Right now, though, I am just waiting for results, so I am nervous! Nevertheless, I think applying to college was a good experience for me, as it allowed me to be introspective of my life and accomplishments. Applying to college has forced me to sit down and analyze how I can portray myself in a genuine and positive way to colleges and others. Applying also allowed me to reflect on my high school experience, the growth I’ve experienced so far, and how I can move forward.


How has ANS prepared you for college?

  • Other than the education it has given me, ANS has also helped me prepare for college through initiatives such as Thursday/Friday College Preparation classes. Having allocated time to work on college applications made the process much less stressful, and I was grateful to receive support from people.


Did you take any standardized tests? If so, what did you take, how did you study and what would you recommend?

  • Yes, I took the SAT and TOEFL once each. I would recommend others to take these tests because they are often required by colleges and can show your academic strengths. I encourage others to take advantage of free and accessible resources to study for the SAT, like Khan Academy, like I did. I didn’t study for the TOEFL, but I think if you’ve had a good English foundation, you shouldn’t have to be worried.


Have you had any college interviews? If so, how did they work and what advice would you give for them? 

  • No, I haven’t had any college interviews.


What has been your best memory of ANS? What has been your worst?

  • My best memory was a small Christmas concert I performed at when I took guitar class. The whole day was really fun, and I just had a really nice time hanging out with my classmates and performing. There’s been plenty of other small moments and instances where I’ve made great memories, but that one comes to mind first. My worst memory was one of the first days when the crisis was starting to take place when we had to be sent home. I remember I was doing a Geometry exam and we had to to pause half-way through and leave. I felt really disoriented and uncertain about what would happen beyond that. It was this strange and unsafe feeling where no one was sure what would happen next. 


If you could redo or re-experience any school year, which one would it be?

  • I would relive 10th grade because it was a difficult year for me on a personal level. It was my first year here, and it also ended in a chaotic way due to the political unrest from 2018. It was a messy year overall, and if I could relive it with the knowledge I have now it would be beneficial to make the most of it. 


What is one piece of advice you would give to future seniors?

  • I would say to take advantage of all the opportunities the school offers, get involved in activities as much as you can, keep working hard and remember to enjoy your last year and cherish the memories you make. 


What will you miss from Nicaragua?

  • I’m going to miss all of the wonderful people that I met and all the memories I formed with them!


We thank Regina for her time with us, and wish her all the best going forward!

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