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Successful Start of Second Semester

On Tuesday, January 7 2019, ANS students from elementary to secondary, came back to resume the school year for the second semester. This comes nearly a month after the last day of school back in December 13, 2019. ANS welcomed back returning and new students for a semester that will be 96 days longs, for comparison, last semester was 88 days long. We interviewed the Director General of ANS, Dr. Mancuso, on his thoughts and expectations for the remainder of the school year.

Dr. Mancuso stated how happy he was to be back and that in the first semester the administration and teachers were observing and data collecting the knowledge and skills of students throughout the school. In his own words, he believed that the administration was “more refined” with all the information collected from MAP tests and PSAT’s.

Furthermore, he stated that on January 6, which was the teacher’s work day, he and the teachers “got a lot of things accomplished” in terms of preparing “new math programs for elementary” as he believed they required further modifications. Other additions were also made to the schedule of high school, as the class College Algebra (taught by Mr. Chuck Kruger) was created as an alternative for students taking Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus.

When asked about the length of the second semester, Mr. Mancuso said that it was based on preference by the school on when to host classes, saying they would prefer to make December the half-way point of the school year, but it’s not possible since “we don’t start in June”. He pointed out however that most schools with this calendar tend to have this unequal amount of days between semesters, and that those extra days were put in place to make up for the breaks and holidays in the second semester like Semana Santa.

The interview ended with Dr. Mancuso stating he was “looking forward to more success”. We at the Eye of The Tiger are also looking forward to a successful second semester and to end the year strong!

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