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NHS New Christmas Drive

NHS Christmas Drive

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In the last month of November and the beginning of December, members of NHS have been working on the annual Christmas drive, in which the ANS community gives back to the staff members who keep he school clean and functioning.

This year, NHS officers: Elinor Ketelhohn, Anastasio Ortiz, Veronica Lanuza, Yoon-Gi Park, and Dominique Chamorro, along with high school principal Mrs. Jacqueline Kruger, have decided to switch things up. Instead of just doing general collection of necessary supplies for the maintenance staff, NHS decided to assign each class from elementary to high school a few maintenance staff members in which the students will collect supplies for those individuals only.

This process began on Nov. 8, 2019, when NHS, in collaboration with the Spanish department of 5th grade, wrote the biographies for each of the maintenance staff. Each 5th grader, supervised by an NHS member, wrote a biography for their assigned individual(or pair in some cases). These biographies were then stapled on blackboards all around campus.









(pictures of the biographies in display)

With the biographies done, NHS members were tasked with making posters with the following: list of supplies each student in the class will bring and a picture of the staff member. Then, the NHS members delivered the posters in the assigned classes as well as a basket for all students to place the supplies they bring.

On December 13, NHS will invite the staff members to the lunch area and present the baskets.

We are proud of what NHS has done and we also want to give our thanks to all maintenance workers!

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