ANS Places 5th in AASCA Knowledge Bowl

Between November 13th and 17th, six secondary students from ANS traveled to Honduras to participate in the Association of American Schools of Central America (AASCA) Knowledge Bowl. The competition was hosted by the Escuela Internacional Sampedrana (EIS) in San Pedro Sula. 

The team was made up by six juniors: Paulina Cuadra, Dominique Chamorro, Veronica Lanuza, Gustavo Morice, Anastasio Ortiz, and Roberto Barreto. 

They performed exceptionally well, as they won eight out of the 11 matches they played. Overall, they placed in fifth in the tournament. The captain, Gustavo Morice, was titled Most Valuable Player. 

Nine teams competed for three days. In the round robin of the competition, they were in third place. Only EIS and ISP (International School of Panama) were ahead of them. Interestingly, these two schools ended up placing second and first at the end of AASCA. Evidently, ANS was off to a strong start.

In the elimination round, they competed against the team that was in sixth place, and lost, consequently, placing ANS in fifth. 

“Although we did not place as high as we hoped we would in the quarter finals, we still played very well,” claimed Dominique Chamorro. 

Indeed, they prepared arduously for this international tournament, under the supervision of Mr. Holmer, the new advisor. 

“We were dedicated to practicing every day, Monday through Friday, before school started in the morning,” said Chamorro. “We were confident in our abilities, we knew our information.”

Paulina Cuadra explains summarizes the competition for ANS: “we gathered the third most points in the entire tournament.”

The ANS team is motivated to continue practicing for the next AASCA Knowledge Bowl.

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