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Gioconda Belli Visits ANS

Renowned Nicaraguan Author Visits ANS!


(Picture of Gioconda Belli)

Author visits ANS

On October 31 2019, Gioconda Belli visited ANS to give a talk to the class of 2020. She was part of the activities for Spanish class, taught by Ms. Sonia Dávila. During the presentation, 12th grade students had the opportunity to ask questions to Belli about many aspects of her life and her literary works.  Furthermore, as they had already read her novel, La Mujer Habitada, they also had an in-depth conversation about the novel. So who is Gioconda Belli?

Life of Gioconda Belli

Gioconda Belli is a Nicaraguan author, novelist, and poet.  She was born on December 9 1948, in Managua, Nicaragua.  All her academic education(from elementary to high school)  was done abroad in Europe, more specifically Spain. She graduated from the Royal School  of Santa Isabel in Madrid, and received college education in journalism in Philadelphia, USA. Afterwards she returned to Nicaragua, where in 1970, she published her first poems through the newspaper La Prensa. As a result, in 1972, she she won the Premio de Poesía Mariano Fiallos Gil award from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua. In 1988 , she published  the novel La Mujer Habitada (The Inhabited Woman), which earned her critical acclaim and recognition as it has been translated in many languages since. Furthermore, it’s on the reading list of four colleges in the US.

In terms of politics, Gioconda Belli participated in the FSLN party during the revolution when a friend of hers asked her to join in the struggle against the Somoza Dictatorship. Due to her contributions, she was exiled by the government and she left for Mexico she continued working for the cause.  She returned in 1979 just before the Sandinista victory  and was later promoted  to the director of state communications for her contributions in 1984. She has since left the FSLN, and has been frequently criticizing the government and condemning it for it’s actions.

(One of Gioconda Belli’s most famous books)


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